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Our Portfolio

EncoreFX 2

EncoreFX Inc.

EncoreFX is a foreign exchange risk management and payment services company based in Victoria, B.C. Through its team of experienced professionals and branch network, EncoreFX is able to offer customers tailored access for foreign exchange services, ranging from spot transactions and payments to long-term risk management strategies.

Diversified Health Clinic Ltd.

Diversified Health Clinic is a health and wellness centre that operates in an eco-friendly, premium 3,500 square foot facility in downtown Victoria, BC. The clinic offers multi-disciplinary, collaborative care to its patients across a wide range of services including chiropractic care, physiotherapy, massage therapy, and acupuncture. GCC’s investment in Diversified Health facilitated its launch in November 2011.

Mexia Interactive Ltd.

Mexia Interactive is a leader in Business and Customer Intelligence, allowing clients to make strategic business decisions, improve customer experience and streamline marketing efforts. Mexia provides its clients with in-depth, accurate and reliable analysis of customer patterns, habits and loyalty through web based reports and filtered data. GCC funded the investment in October 2012

Blue Sky Digital Media Ltd.

Blue Sky is a leading LED technology and advertising company in North America that offers both digital out-of-home advertising networks and efficient LED lighting solutions. GCC funded the investment in November 2012.